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How do you express your love?

There are many holidays, which are designed to show appreciation, that people celebrate.  Valentine's Day is about LOVE.  We want to know how you love your planet and the living creatures on it.  Comment below.  You will be entered into a drawing for a CFC light bulb.  Thanks!

School District 163 @ Central Park Wetland

Is there something you wanted to ask us but forgot or did you want to tell us a cool wetland story?  Now you can on this blog!!!  Just click on "leave a comment" and start typing. Remember internet safety when posting online.


Scientists of all ages...please leave a comment about your classroom's program, ask us questions or tell us about something you can do to help the environment.  We want to hear from you!!!

Library Programs

If you came to one of our programs at your Library, let us know what you thought of it.  We would love to hear from you!   Feel free to ask us any questions too.  Just click on the words "leave a comment" just below this post.

School District 162 @ Central Park Wetland

Wow!  We had a great programs so far.  Your collected data will start you on a wonderful journey of learning. If you want to share a wetland story or tell us about your findings, post a comment.  ME4E can't wait to hear from you.